Tools for Compliant and Quality IEPs


New York compliant IEPs made faster, easier –
and of higher quality

The CSE/CPSE and IEP development process requires input, collaboration and review from a wide variety of individuals dispersed over a wide area and faced with considerable time pressure.

Here are some of the breakthrough benefits IEP Direct-New York offers to reduce significantly the time, effort and errors producing and distributing IEPs:

  • Superior content developed by and for New York State Special Education professionals.
  • Exceptionally easy-to-navigate user interface containing a student's entire IEP profile on one scrollable page, instead of the clumsy layers of windows and screens you have to open and close in other programs.
  • CSE/CPSE Team members and teachers can draft IEPs directly online for viewing, editing and collaborating by all staff involved with a student, using any computer with Internet access. IEP Direct-New York also enables you to specify different access and privilege levels.
  • A comprehensive library of goals and benchmarks aligned to New York State Learning Standards enables CSE/CPSE Team members and teachers to assemble IEPs faster and more accurately than ever. Goals and benchmarks can be taken directly from the library, customized or entered in free-form – IEP Direct-New York gives you the choice.
  • Automatic calculation of Time In/Out of Regular Classroom.
  • A Timeline Tracker which enables CSE/CPSE Team members, teachers and administrators to view all procedural timelines, countdowns and warnings of compliance deadlines, status of outstanding items, upcoming meetings, due dates and other procedural and administrative issues.
  • Content is updated online automatically in response to the latest New York State regulations. This helps ensure compliance, without time-consuming and labor-intensive downloads, user intervention or technical support.
  • Automatic IEP validation helps you make sure that each IEP is complete and in compliance, flagging any fields that are incomplete.
  • User-friendly electronic IEP form – compliant with New York State requirements and best-practices.
  • Create-a-draft Wizard automatically enters demographics and much of the required information, including the contents of the previous IEP, so CSE/CPSE Team members and teachers can focus on creating, editing and updating an individualized plan.

You just can’t find a better set of tools to help increase efficiency and accuracy when you’re creating IEPs.

"In preparation for a legal proceeding encompassing five school years, I had the opportunity to compare three different IEP programs. The best, most attractive and most legally defensible IEPs (by far) were those developed by the IEP Direct program."